“View Source”

“View Source”

Mr. Robot, S01E07 – “View Source”

Episode Number: S01E07

Original Air Date: August 5, 2015

Time: 48 minutes

Synopsis: A month later, Elliot’s still dealing with Shayla’s death. Angela’s found a way to get Terry Colby to testify, while at Evil Corp, the new CTO is installed and Tyrell Wellick loses control.

Moving Van

The episode begins with a flashback to the day Shayla moved in to Elliot’s apartment building. Elliot awkwardly meets her when she barges into his apartment, hints that she’s a dealer, and leaves her fish at his place. She tells him he loves concerts and live music and he tells her he doesn’t usually like people, telling her “I wish we already knew each other.”

Actually, Elliot’s at his psychiatrist’s office, staring at a dirty power socket. Krista has some forms to fill out—she’s releasing him from court-mandated treatment—but she still thinks they have work to do. He returns later for his regular appointment and tells her the truth: he’s hacked her and everyone else around her, finding her as lonely as himself.

  • Notes: Shayla has a regular dealer but might be willing to ask another one, reputed to be a “psychopath,” if he can get her Suboxone for Elliot—so, it turns out Elliot’s the reason Shayla went to Vera—and wound up dead. “Keep the fish, you filthy animal” is an altered version of a quote from the film Home Alone—actually, it’s a quote from the fake movie shown in Home Alone, “Angels with Filthy Souls,” when a character says “keep the change, you filthy animal.” And outside in the hallway at Krista’s office, you can see the “two paintings” Elliot mentioned in S01E02.

  • Quotes: Elliot: “Sorry I haven’t talked to you in a while. I mean, it’s only been a month, which I guess in the grand scheme of things isn’t that long. Isn’t our life like a blip in the cosmic calendar or something? So that’s Shayla. A blip. Not even. Here one blip, gone the next.”

Duty Bound

Angela and Antara Nayar, the attorney on the toxic waste case meet with Tyler Colby’s attorneys, seeking his help. They want him to flip on Evil Corp and detail the cover up. Colby agrees to meet with Angela, but isn’t very cooperative at first. Angela stands up to him and he tells her about the meetings where they decided to cover up the problems, thereby exposing their employees to toxic waste.

Angela tell Gideon Goddard that she’s going to testify that she broke chain of custody on the dat file. She knows it will cost her her job at AllSafe, but it’s the right thing to do. Gideon’s not so sure—if she testifies, AllSafe will go out of business and everyone who works there will lose their jobs.

Your Honest Self

Elliot’s boss at AllSafe, Gideon Goddard, calls him into his office. It’s been four weeks since Shayla’s death and Gideon tells Elliot he can have more time off if he wants. He warns Elliot about letting Shayla’s death close him off from the world again.

But Elliot’s thinking about “view source,” a command in a web browser that lets you read and copy a website’s HTML code. With a few changes, the site is yours. He imagines if you could “view source” on people and sees his co-workers with signs around their necks: “I got a nose job,” “I love feet,” “I pretend to love my husband.”

In his apartment, Elliot copies everything he has on Shayla Nico to a DVD before destroying his computer. He puts the DVD in his archives, labeling it “The Cure - Disintegration,” her favorite song. He’s going to miss her. Later, he takes his dog to the vet—Flipper has swallowed one of the microchips Elliot removed from his PC when he was destroying the computer.

Mount an Attack

Darlene and Mr. Robot discuss fsociety, which the U.S. Government thinks has been sidelined. Mr. Robot wants to get the Dark Army back involved, but Darlene says it’s useless—she’s been asking and they’re not interested. Mr. Robot wants to talk to Whiterose, the leader of the Dark Army. Fsociety missed their chance—Steel Mountain shipped tape backups to at least four other facilities, so the new version of the hack is going to have to be far more complicated to wipe out all of Evil Corp’s records in multiple locations.

Mr. Robot threatens Romero to get him to come back to fsociety, and Darlene meets with Cisco: he’s mad she’s been using his credentials and asked for a meeting with Whiterose. Cisco’s done with Darlene, but the meet will happen. Darlene meets with Trenton on the grass of Brooklyn College and convinces her to rejoin fsociety.

  • Notes: Mr. Robot mentions Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security.

  • Filming Location: Brooklyn College is located at 2900 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. The building shown in Boylan Hall, and Darlene and Trenton sit on the grassy expanse just south of the building. In the scenes showing Darlene, you can see the distinctive golden bell tower on top of the Brooklyn College Library.


Tyler Wellick is sitting though another boring meeting with Stan, Dwight and Jeremy, three slimy Evil Corp. executives. Dwight is bragging how he was “serviced” by a Google hiring executive on the Googleplex volleyball court. Wellick asks about Dwight’s children, then fires the three of them in a fit of anger.

Later, Phillip Price, the CEO of Evil Corp, introduces Scott Knowles as the new CTO. Sharon Knowles is with him. Tyrell and Joanna Wellick look on—she’s pissed off that he didn’t get the job. Sharon leaves the party and Tyrell follows her to the bar and propositions her again, inviting her to the roof. She shows up and Tyrell kisses her, then pushes her down and strangles her to death.

  • Terminology: The Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc. and its parent company Alphabet Inc, located at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway in Mountain View, California.



Things take a darker turn for Tyler Wellick and Elliot this episode, which takes place a month after the last.

Elliot’s still dealing with Shayla’s death, remembering the day she moved in and realizing that it was because of Elliot that Shayla had to start interacting with Fernando Vera, a decision that would ultimately lead to her death. It’s not lost on Elliot that she died because of his need for Suboxone—by trying to be responsible and not get addicted to morphine, he caused her death.

And the fsociety hack is on the skids—they missed their opportunity to take down Evil Corp when the Dark Army refused to help out. Now, Evil Corp has physically copied the backup tapes stored at Steel Mountain and moved copies to four other locations. Despite this, Mr. Robot pulls fsociety back together and manages to arrange for a meeting with the illusive leader of the Dark Army, Whiterose. They’ll have to come up with an alternative plan if they want to take down Evil Corp.

Wellick’s been passed over for promotion, and he takes it out on three employees by firing them. Later, he manages to get the wife of the new CTO alone on the roof of the building and again loses control, strangling her.

Meanwhile, Angela makes her move and gets Terry Colby to turn on Evil Corp and testify on the toxic waste scandal. But is it worth costing her boss, Gideon, and everyone else at AllSafe their jobs?

Episode Notes:

“View source” is a command in a web browser tool that lets you read and copy a website’s HTML code.


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