Inside Some of the Most Unbelievable GoT Scenes

Inside Some of the Most Unbelievable GoT Scenes

Inside some of the most unbelievable Game of Thrones scenes

“It all starts with opening a script and reading, ‘There are giants riding mammoths’ or ‘Dany climbs on Drogon and they roar off to safety,’” says Game of Thrones visual-effects producer Steve Kullback. “You close the script and go, ‘Holy hell, how are we going to do that?’”

Along with VFX supervisor Joe Bauer, Kullback has to find a way to raise hairs on viewers’ arms whenever Rhaegal breathes fire, or send shivers down our spines every time the Night King levels an icy gaze. And yet the duo are undeterred by the high expectations. As Bauer puts it: “We read the script and we get to work.”

Both Kullback and Bauer credit having the means to physically create as much as possible on set for their ability to make even the most jaw-dropping moments on the HBO fantasy seem realistic. “The bible for our methodology is to work with as much photography as we can,” Kullback says. “Then any CG added in has to be dialed in to look like the photography. It makes the visual effects not bump against the rest of production.”

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